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JosiahKids is a Christian neighborhood classroom tailored for children between the ages of (6-13) years old in the Buford, Georgia area.

The goal of the program is to:

  1. Provide in depth Bible lessons to equip each student with a solid biblical foundation
  2. Provide an atmosphere that promotes intimacy with God in prayer and worship
  3. Promote creativity and inspiration through (poetry, storytelling, music and public speaking)
  4. Encourage the uninhibited expression of the -JOY- we have all found in Jesus through the avenues of exploring various instruments and choreographed dance
  5. Expose the students to the opportunities of outreach (serving God and others)
  6. Introduce and demonstrate how our classroom can be involved firsthand in reaching the lost and fulfilling the great commission
  7. Build friendships, have fun and enjoy a sense of belonging with students of like mind

Our Bible lessons will be filmed, edited and shared in episodes to help reach families of children who desire to deepen their walk with God but lack the means.


Newton and Marlene Maina are the founders of JosiahKids. They are passionate about God and committed to investing in the spiritual growth of young students around the world. Newton is a Bible Teacher and an Accountant by profession, while Marlene works as a Sr. Executive Assistant for the Coca-Cola Company. Her academic qualifications include a Certificate in Medical Administration, a Diploma in Youth Ministry, A Bachelor’s in Biblical Education, A Master of Divinity (M.Div) and a Master in Leadership.

Heritage is what you give someone. Legacy is what you do in them. Our passion at JosiahJude is to BUILD up society’s most valuable asset—the next generation!  And this we must do, for every nation, every tribe, people and language (Revelation 7:9)

Our dream is to reach as many children as we can with a quality (brick-by-brick) spiritual formation that will equip them to be ALL that God had in mind when He made them. As we grow, we dream to BUILD a) A school of discipleship,  (b) A Christian School of Performing Arts, and a (c) A school of Outreach (The Buford Harvest!)

Let the little children to come to me, forbid them not for such is the kingdom of God!   (Luke 18:16-17)

Meet The Team

FILM PRODUCER | Jeremiah Griffin
FILM PRODUCER | Jeremiah Griffin is a GOLD Standard Creative Thinker ahead of his time. He is the owner of R.T.G. (RISING TRIBE GENERATIONS) Media, and a partner of “IMEEDIA”. Jeremiah started his own business at only the age of fourteen years old and has managed to grow his business exponentially! He has had the pleasure of working with apparel companies, former NFL players, and produced national PSAS. He has produced TV shows, and so much more. Since as far back as he can remember, Jeremiah has had a deep love for film. From small beginnings of making fun sketches with his friends to now living his dream; we are both proud and EXCITED to have Jeremiah on board as our Film Producer. Jeremiah is (Rising) to the Challenge, uniting his Company like a (Tribe), in order to inspire people for (Generations) to come!


DANCE INSTRUCTOR | Aniya Cardell has been dancing since she was a little girl. She first realized her love for hip hop dance at the tender age of (6). It wasn’t long before she began to dance for school talent shows : ) and pretty soon she was working with a talent agency who saw how gifted Aniya was. Once in middle school, Aniya was accepted to attend Alvin Ailey Camp in Atlanta, Georgia where she would be exposed to new forms of dance. It was there where Aniya would perfect and expand her skill of dancing into other forms including (ballet, modern, jazz, and West African traditional dance). Her first year at Alvin Ailey, Aniya was awarded a scholarship to train at Atlanta Ballet where she continued to dance and perfect her form! She is an amazing dancer, a patient instructor, a wonderful team player and has won the hearts of kids everywhere she goes! Aniya has performed three times at the Fox Theater and has been featured in the Marietta Daily newspaper for her exceptional performances. She is currently a Sophomore in College and looks forward to inspiring our children (locally) and around the globe to find their passion for dance through various inspirational choreographed routines. The team at JosiahKids couldn’t be more honored and EXCITED to have Aniya on board!
MUSIC TEACHER | My name is Jenecia Kissoon. I am originally from Guyana, South America and have been living in Georgia for five years now. Being the eldest of my four siblings, I have developed a love for working with children. I have a passion for music and I enjoy singing, playing guitar and piano, dancing, calligraphy, and every activity involving creativity and expression. From a young age, I have been volunteering at church to assist with Sunday school and child care. I have also been a part of the dance ministry at my current church, Free Chapel, though I started dancing at the age of six. I am a Collins Hill High School graduate and will be attending Free Chapel College to study music ministry this fall. While attending Collins Hill High school, I was a part of the chorus program, which extended my love for music. My hope is to one day be able to travel often as a missionary teacher to teach music, language arts and the Bible to children. I love to see people, especially children, discover their gifts and use them for God’s glory. (We are thrilled to have Jenecia on board! Can’t wait to see what God will do through her).