About Marlene

Marlene Maina (Birthday Kiss - 4.3.2018)

Marlene Ongweny Maina is a Christian writer, Bible teacher, and Founder of JosiahKids, a child enrichment program designed to inspire young students to begin their spiritual journeys in Christ at an early age—through the avenues of (quality discipleship, creative storytelling, devoted prayer, exuberant dance and passionate music).

Marlene’s academic background includes: A certificate in Medical Administration, A diploma in Youth Ministry, A Bachelor’s in Biblical Education, A Master of Divinity (MDiv) and one in Leadership.

Marlene’s professional career has included fortune 500 companies like: Prudential Healthcare of America, Cendant (AVIS), Janssen Pharmaceutica through Kelly Services and The Coca-Cola Company

Marlene is single-mindedly passionate about the ONE true God YAHWEH. Her heart and His have been woven to a single heartbeat since her youth when the God of the Hebrews in stunning power dramatically rescued her from a dark prison cell of overwhelming hopelessness. Her gratitude has grown into a fierce protective affection for the honor of His name… delighting herself in Him and in His awe-inspiring paradoxes of reverence and intimacy, glory and humility, service and zeal. She is compassionate for the broken, eager to reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and determined to make an extravagant spiritual investment in the lives of young children using EVERY single platform a creative God is willing to put on the table.

Marlene and her husband Newton reside in Atlanta, Georgia where they are raising two of the most delightful daughters: Joy and Journey.

When you have a divine promise, you have a sure thing. Why? The credit of the Most High could never be impeached. He is punctual to the second. The LORD meant to fulfill His promise or He would not have given it. When He speaks, it is because He means to do as He has said.

  • God watches over His word to fulfill it (Jeremiah 1:12)
  • No word from God will ever fail (Luke 1:37)