About Me

It has been 25yrs since I knelt at the altar to receive Jesus as my Savior. No one could have prepared me for the climactic joys nor the deep trenches of sorrow that lay ahead of my journey.

The works of a Holy God: Sometimes in a classroom, sometimes a chisel in hand, the LORD of Hosts has patiently refined a cherished daughter He loves—paring and trimming down to diminish all that is unlike Him. Coring out of me the hopelessness that had snuffed out completely the light of day. HE, El Chanun (the Most Gracious God) has blessed my life with just the right burdens and troubles that have served HIS purpose to mold and lend me the vision to SEE!  A Savior, Merciful. Gracious. Holy.  A Warrior King. My Trusted Friend!

My story can be summarized very simply as the face, the shoes or simply the passing shadow—at one point or another of:  a broken teen, a grateful sister, a once homeless daughter, a chosen head-student, a lonely orphan, a supernatural encounter, a supplanted immigrant, a seminary graduate, a cherished bride, a thankful mom, an audacious disciple, a devoted employee, a joyful friend.  A heartbeat for the lost. A child of God!

And these are the 3 ways my husband Newton and I have managed to sum up the dreams, goals, and values for which our hearts now beat in this fleeting momentary life God has SO graciously given us:

  • To build our lives
  • To build our families, and…
  • To build the Kingdom of God

With Love & Prayers,


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